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Marketing, Project Management,
Processes, Ops & Career Coaching

We specialize in marketing, strategy, optimizing operations, implementing processes and project management to help provide structure and solutions to maximize your business. 

We can help you evaluate your needs and develop a collaborative plan to support your business goals. We also work with your team to elevate their skills and maximize performance. We would love to help support your business needs.

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Meet Cammy

Cammy is a entrepreneurial-minded business consultant with the drive and passion to help you achieve your business goals.  As a successful and accomplished professional, Cammy’s diverse skillset in marketing, strategy, business systems and operations, human resources and project management, she has the know how to develop success. 

With nearly 30 years of experience, Cammy has worked in a wide variety of industries and is adept at quickly understanding your business objectives and working collaboratively with you and your teams to see the forest through the trees to build roadmaps to success. 

Cammy has lead teams, built companies and worked independently as a consultant.  She understands all sides of the business and knows how to implement processes, systems and communications.  She’s exceptionally skilled at talent acquisition, onboarding and retention, specializing in career and talent coaching.

Working Together

 From marketing operations to HR needs and project management, we help you organize, structure, and build your business, team or systems.  


Operations & Organization

We can help evaluate, optimize or even create operational procedures to support efficient communications and systems.  We have the experience to assess current systems and provide options to optimize.  Whether it’s general communications, HR practices, accounting or project management, we can support your specific needs.

Marketing Strategy Project Work

Managing a project can be simple or complex, but understanding the full scope and how to most effectively lead the project is what we do.  From development of the strategy, to managing the day to day communications, timelines, budgets and ultimately the end result, we have nearly 30 years of marketing and project management experience to effectively support your needs.  We can communicate and influence at all levels of your project or team and ensure success.  We are ready to jump in.

Working from Home
Online meeting

HR & Talent Coaching

Whether you’re recruiting, training, or retaining talent, we have the experience to support all phases of your HR needs.  Finding and hiring the right fit for your company can be hard enough, but creating and maintaining a strong work force that is actively engaged and excels in is essential to your success.  We understand all levels of talent and have the experience to support all efforts in the cycle.

We also offer full service career coaching.  Learn more here

“Cammy's organizational prowess extends beyond just systems and operations, she excels in streamlining communications and providing clear plans to lead our team and is directly related to our success. "

Jeff Yapp, CEO, WutzNxt, Microsoft Partner


Scottsdale, AZ 85254, USA


Thanks for connecting!

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